Our Policies

Open Door Policy


A. Parents are welcome to come to

school to meet with the principals

anytime without any previous

appointment every day.


B. There is a monthly parents'

meeting and parents are allowed

to meet the teachers if they want

to communicate with them after

getting permission from the principal.


Learning Support


The school offers support for children requiring extra attention either through extra help during break time, remedial classes after school or intensive courses. However, the school does not have either the staff or facilities to help children with severe learning difficulties.


Support the school when it takes corrective action:


When the school takes corrective actions (detention) it is for the student’s best interest. If you support us reluctantly, you will only strengthen wrong attitudes in your child.


Private lessons


Private tutoring is absolutely rejected and discouraged by our administration. If your child encounters any learning difficulties, discuss his/her problem with the principal.If extra assistance is needed, the school will arrange remedial classes or groups.