Developing the English language acquisition is taken care of through:

  •  English Language Courses:

People learn in different ways. No one system works on

its own. For some the most effective learning techniques

involve seeing / hearing how language is used in social situations, particularly since such language is frequently made up of language chunks and various lexical phrases, It is particularly important for students to be able to act empathetically in English our outstanding English courses has the following features.

  • Pronunciation principles:

Good pronunciation depends on the students' ability to hear differences and variations, as well as on thir own pronunciation skills you can't have one without the other.

That's why students need to have their attention drawn to a variety of pronunciation aspects. Our multimedia lab helps a lot helps a lot in improving the students pronunciation.


  • Reading principles:

The more students read, the more language they

acquireand the better they become at reading,

But they need to seelanguage in a variety of formats,

used to discuss a variety ofattractive topics.

Our teachers encourage the students to use ourhuge

library that provides them with a wide range 

of reading material.

  • Vocabulary principles:

Vocabulary is more than words.Our students should also be able to use language chunks, they should learn how certain words collocate with other words and crucially, they should see vocabulary in use.They should also be encouraged to "get personal" with words, identifying which ones they like best, which they find most useful, difficult, etc.Our students are given 5 different dictionaries in KG2, 2nd Prim, 3rd Prim, 5th Prim and 1st Prep. Students are systematically trained to use learners' dictionaries one of the best resources available to the autonomous learner.

  • Speaking principles:

Speaking is one of the key skills in language lessons

when students do their best to use language for

communication (in the safety of the classrooms)

they have the chance to rehearse what they have

learntand test their own knowledge.Not only that,

but the processing skillsneeded are thought by

many to aid the acquisition process itself.

Our students are encouraged to speak and express

themselves inthe daily broadcast and in the annual party.


  • Writing principles:

Writing gives students time to reflect on what they have learnt. It encourages them to process their knowledge and crucially, gives them the chance to produce work that they can take pride in.We have several free writing competitions that aim to improving the students writing skills.


  • Listening principles:

Some students find listening difficult, so we give them a chance to be exposed to a wide range of speaking styles. These will help them to acquire not only language but also to skills necessary to understand what they hear in a variety of situations.At all times the listening extract we use are comprehensible (but challenging) to students.


  • Other Languages (French and German):

We teach French starting 1st Primary and German starting

4th Primary beside the English language in which we use several

creative methods of teaching as color pictures, stories, songs

and cassette tapes to attract the attention and make it easy

to learn and love the language, We also give extra attention

to the importance of the correct pronunciation from the beginning.